First Team building activity in 2021

Last Saturday, we took part in a one-day group building activity of the company. Although it was only a short day, it benefited me a lot.



At the beginning of the League building activities, it seems that like me, everyone has not been separated from the busy work and tired body, but the coach just adjusted our state in time through fast team gathering time, sonorous dialogue response and interesting team games. The activity started from the team presentation of each group.

On that day, my group was the 4th group. There were 6 members in the group. We got familiar with each other in the discussion and practice of the team presentation. Some were responsible for writing slogans, some were responsible for queuing up, and some were responsible for the overall rehearsal. In the short 8 minutes, everyone took charge of their own duties and fully demonstrated their strong team spirit.


In one day’s group building activities, I was most impressed by the game of “lifting the team leader”, which is a game that tests team trust and individual endurance. In retrospect, we all felt that our team spirit could not be fully realized. We 13 people tightly gathered together, struggling to hold the captain high, even if one by one sweating, hands shaking, but still continue to adhere to and encourage each other, we all chanted our team slogan, “never let go” is the voice of all of us. Finally, when the development coach announced the end of the team building game, all of us hugged tightly. At this moment, I felt that we were closely united. It let us know that there was a strength called unity and a spirit called cooperation, and unity and cooperation could help us overcome all difficulties. In the whole process, what moved me most was the sharing of the team leader. Our team leader said: she was trying her best to keep her body tight from beginning to end, just to reduce the burden of each of our team members.


In the team building development training, each of us is persisting and trying to play our part. As long as we persist, we can achieve our goals one by one until we finish the tasks we think impossible; in our work, as long as we persist, we can stimulate our personal potential and exert our personal strength. Do not do is to grow, do not dare to do is a breakthrough, do not want to do is to change.

Thanks for the group building development activities, I met a better myself. Don’t let me down. Change every “I won’t” to “I can”. It’s better to try than never dare to start.

Post time: Apr-16-2021 First Team building activity in 2021
Cherry Chen
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