Basic knowledge of Saw bladesⅠ

  Varies saw blades are a complex knowledge system, to understand this tool industry deeply, need a long time of intensive study. This article provides the basic knowledge about the saw blades, helping you to have a basic knowledge of this tool in the shortest time.

Basic properties of Saw blades

  The tool material has great influence on tool life, machining efficiency, machining quality and machining cost. During cutting process, the saw blades encounter high pressure, high temperature, friction, impact, vibration and so on. Therefore, the tool material should have the following basic properties:

1. High hardness and wear resistance:

To cut the workpiece, the hardness of the tool material must be higher than the hardness of the processed material, this is the basic requirement of the tool material. The existing tool material hardness is above 60HRC. The harder the tool material is, the better its wear resistance will be. However, due to the complex cutting conditions, the wear resistance of the tool material also depends on its chemical composition and the stability of the metallographic structure.


2. Sufficient strength and impact toughness

Strength refers to the resistance to the cutting force while not to make the blade cracking and rod breaking. Generally expressed by bending strength. Impact toughness refers to the ability of tool material not to collapse under the working conditions of intermittent cutting or impact. Generally speaking, the higher the hardness, the lower the impact toughness and the more brittle the material. Hardness and toughness are contradictory, and this is also a key to overcome for the tool material.

3. High heat resistance

Heat resistance is the main index to measure the performance of tool materials. It comprehensively reflects the hardness, wear resistance, strength, oxidation resistance, adhesion resistance and diffusion resistance of tool materials under high temperature.


4. Process performance and economical efficiency

The tool material should have good forging property, heat treatment property, welding property and grinding performance, also should have the pursuit of high performance – price ratio.

Post time: Oct-23-2020