10+ years Professional carbide tools supplier,
Strict Quality control make the products higher quality
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About Us


Chengdu Han-C Cutting Tools

Our Mission: Make cutting and drilling more efficient and easy!
Core Values: Customer achievement, efficiency, Professional

High-quality and safe products, accurate delivery, and responsible attitudes are the main reasons why we maintain stable cooperation with customers in Europe, Southeast Asia,etc.

At present, the products we can provide include: industrial HM carbide dowel drills and through-hole drills, hinge cutters, straight bits, saw blades, and various customized drill bits. Our drills can easily be used for solid wood, MDF, wood composites. The diameter of the drill is from 3mm to 45mm. The total length of the drill is 57mm, 70mm, 80mm, 85mm, 90mm, 105mm, etc.

More than 1000,000 USD products are exported to Italy, Germany, Poland, etc. each year. also we remain long-term technical exchanges and new innovations for product development.

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How we ensure the quality?

100% checking on 5 key processes which make our products in top-level

# Step 1:High quality steel body

* The steel shank has been undergoes petrochemical treatment after heat treatment to reducing deformation.
* The spiral part is painted orange or black P.T.F.E.

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# Step 2: welding carbide drill tips

The dowel carbide drill bits tips are manufactured by the original tungsten carbide powder imported from Luxembourg, It is ultra-fine particles with high wear resistance, and the quality can be compared with the BIG ones.
The Centre point is balanced. And special angle design after lab-testing, it can smartly drill in and out without burst or burned.

# Step 3: High precision Grinding

All the shanks of the dowel drill, through hole drill and tct hinge boring bits will be straighten with 100% inspection, and then put the drills on the high precision grinding CNC machines to grind the external steel body and the cutting edge (sampling inspection 10%, but the compliance rate must 100%)

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# Step 4: Size Checking

After the steel body and carbide tips grinding, here we start to cut the shank, so all of our drill bits are made with Parallel shank with driving flat and length adjusting, then we will Clean the drills bits and make the last step inspection, it is inspected by 100%, one by one checked by our staff with more than 8 years’ experience

# Step 5: laser marking and packing

This is the last step, usually, the size information is laser marked on the steel shank, but we can also mark the customer’s logo on it if we sign an OEM contract. After laser marking, the carbide drill bits will be packed and put in stock.

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Our Technical Team


Mike  Li

(Cheif development officer)


James Wang

(Application Engineer)


Cherry Chen

(Product Manager)


Jane Huang

(QC Manager)